Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Coffee Rants

...Well, this is awkward.
I usually HATE any sort of self advertising. But screw it, we reaaaally need it. So my best friend and I started what every other bored teenager does nowadays - a YouTube channel. Because, for me, get laughed at here was just not enough. Without further ado, here's our channel. Please view. Plaz.
Click here for the awesomez
(No seriously, you want me to beg? )
K. Thanks. Byee. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Lack of Post Exam Exhiliration

So my boards just ended. (Boards are essentially the 12th grade exams that every kid in India needs to give to go pass school. It is one of the biggest exams in the world in terms of magnitude. ) I cannot physically explain to you how long I have waited for these exams to end. For a whole year, March of 2015 to be precise, these exams were the only thing that I studied around 8 hours a day for. 

So on 26th, when I stepped out of the exam hall, all in a blaze of glory and joy, the world outside seemed... normal as ef. The weather was still shitty, the roads were still crowded, and the air just as polluted. Nothing had changed. 

And then it hit me. 

You spend the entire year, fantasizing about what you'll do once Boards get over and Oh My God the fun you will have and it will be Oh so glorious and you will have the time of your life but that time never comes. Or when it does you are almost always disappointed. I had imagined butterflies and unicorns with rainbow coloured tails and ice cream and golden retriever puppies frollicking through fields of wheat during my post-exam days. But what I do get, is sweaty cycling sessions, mindless YouTube watching, and endless hours of sleeping in.

We keep on talking of the future but in reality the future is just a tool for escaping the present. And I came to that sad conclusion while watching a re-re-run of Pitchers. 

Excuse me, I have to go fantasize about how awesome my college life is going to be.