Sunday, 11 January 2015

Worst Weekend of my Life

Following is an excerpt from my own diary.  This is from around the time of one of my best friends' birthday. Thought you should have more stuff to laugh at. Enjoy.

Dear Diary,
This week has been so stressful, I swear someone has to have done some voodoo. So this is to whoever's sticking needles into a doll with my face on it - "Hi - yeah. Please stop. You have done anough damage."
And this weekend was the WORST one of my decidedly unhappening life. Even though it saddens to say this - Adi's(Aditi - said best friend whose birthday weekend was the worst of my life. Explained that in case you were a tubelight.) birthday weekend sucked, despite a pretty awesome party. 
So basically, the idea was that we'd catch the 5:45 show of Fault in our Stars (just to give you context - conservatively estimating, I have read the book TFIOS an approximate 23 times till date. So I was dying to watch it, is an understatement.) after coaching ended at 5. Then we'd hog at the food court, and come home. Pretty awesome, right? (Not.)
So event number 1 happened.
As soon as I stepped outside the Metro to shoulder my bag, I noticed, "Hey wait - this ain't my bag." And basically, I am supposed to go watch a movie I am dying to watch at 5:45, and here I am at the Metro station at 5:15 with my head in my hands. So I open this bag - and this is what I find :

  • 2 Makeup Kits
  • 4 credit cards
  • A smartphone(without SIM)
  • 2 peices of gold jewellery
  • 1000 rupee bills literally bursting out of every zip of the bag.
Basically everything except her (I presumed it was a her with all the makeup) contact details. 
Thankfully, the other woman had the presence of mind to open my bag to look at the study booklets with my Coaching's name on it, to which she went and my contact details were retrieved easily thanks to my weird name. So I meet up with her at 5:35, movie's about to start at 5:45 and I zip into the waiting car to somehow reach the hall on time, with my hair all over the place, my clothes wrinkled, my glasses askew and my face sweaty (I am the picture of elegance at times, I tell you.)
Now what do I realise? 
I left my gift that I bought in the bag ( my own bag, just FYI) which I gave to my parents in the car. 
So I am the moron who is stuffing a third helping of cake while my best friend is surrounded by twenty people opening their gifts. 
The movie began, and was pretty awesome. But then someone spillt coke all over my jeans, then trod on my feet. Then did not say Sorry. Thanks a lot, assistant of Satan.

Event 2(Yep. Its not over yet.)
I left my glasses at my swimming pool, and had to literally run all the way to fetch them( did I mention I hate running). And then I got a shit load of scolding as a bumper bonus.

Event 3
I lost my Metro card - AFTER recharging it with 300 bucks

Event 4
My school started. I have tests next week.

Event 5
Did I tell you I have not started studying for them yet?

I believe the Germans say it best, Gott Verdammt.

Your highness,
(I always sign off with a ' Your Highness' . Dunno why.)