Saturday, 22 November 2014

Friends. (Warning : This is mushy.)

Friends really are the biggest help you can get. Ever. Really. I mean, they might be mean jerks at times who eat all your food and steal your pens, but when the time comes, when you're actually upset, that's when they stop being obnoxious and start being their true selves. They can make you laugh when you're extremely, extremely down. And that too at the weirdest of jokes. They might make fun of you, but trust me; every time you turn your back they'll there, grinning and laughing at you telling you to go on. But they'll be there, and is all that matters, doesn't it? They might make claims at how slow you run but they'll scream themselves hoarse cheering for you when you're in a race. They might laugh themselves silly over your accent and oration, but its they who'll be passing you encouraging smiles from the wings during your speech. Never, ever disregard your friends guys. There's a reason we've been told that from a very young age. I mean everything else comes and goes, but three things stay : your dog, your family and your true friends.And to a certain extent, your fat. Why I'm ranting on about all this?
Well, because I witnessed today, just about what real friendship can do and how much it can touch you. I saw how much your friends change your life and just how much they matter. Hold them close, guys. They care. 
To my own friends, who're reading this, you are important - and even though I don't say this to you guys every single day of the year, I will say it now. Hold on tight - this is the most mushy I am gonna be this year. You guys rock. You are Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Ginny Weasley, Tony Stark, Benedict Cumberbatch, Abed, and a little bit of Batman, merged into one. You are, to me, what Christopher Nolan is, to movie buffs. You guys are the opposite of Twilight. You are human cheese nachos and ice cream. You guys are unicorns with frigging rainbow coloured tails. 
Thats it. Too much mushy. I'm out. 


  1. WOW, that's really mushy as you can get. From now on, you're "cheesy Preetha with nachos" :D

    1. Hahaha xD
      Done. I shall bear with all the names you call me.