Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Quick Overview of my Room.

I spend most of my days holed up in here so I figured I might as well tell you guys about it. See my room isn't really for those prim and perfect kinds - the ones that keep books in shelves or clothes in cupboards. The moment you enter my room you'll be greeted by the ever inviting whiff of stale food rotting away somewhere, dirty socks, and unwashed clothes. After you've made your way through the ancient packets of chips, you'll arrive at my bed. Nothing unusual about my bed. Just a bedspread under a racket, a few old socks, my clothes, a few CD's, some books, my headphones, a pillow, two or maybe three rats, and some peanut shells. Just your regular everyday bed. 
Then after a sharp left you reach my study table where I keep all my work. Now I love work - I can't seem to get enough of it. I can't part with it. I sit and look at it for hours. I rearrange and arrange it everyday. It pains my very soul to part with it. I collect it judiciously. I dust and clean it on my own everyday. Right now its sitting all pretty in a nice tower on my study table. 
You might just stumble on to my laptop somewhere else as well. And on the way you might encounter some animals. Some of which haven't been discovered by Science yet. And on that happy note, we come to the end of this post! 


  1. Bad post. You just described a long winding train compartment. And half of it is exaggerated and factually incorrect. Meh.
    -You Know Who.

    1. Dear You-Know-Who,
      Your comments have been taken to heart. I will definitely try and improve my factually incorrect and long-winding-train-compartment-resembling post. I won't rewrite this one, I'll just try and improve. Hopefully kind and bountiful You-Know-Who will write a positive review someday.
      Yours ever-obliged,
      Preetha Datta
      (The Bovine Chronicle-r)'

      PS : The 'Meh.' was totally out of place.

  2. That summarizes your room so well. I was laughing all the way till the end! I would like to tell "You Know Who" that such posts are meant to be exaggerated. The fact that you didn't realize this means that you have a really bad sense of literature.

    1. I shall convey that to You-Know-Who most immediately.