Friday, 5 September 2014

What Emojis Really Mean

Some people use a lot of Emoticons while conversing(guilty of the crime.).And not to sound boastful or anything, but I consider myself something of an - ehem - expert *collar up* in the field that is emoticons.

When in doubt send a smiley. Did you make a joke? Were you being sarcastic? Are you mad at me? Are you serious? I couldn't figure, so there. This face could mean everything from "Ha ha. That is so funny", to "I am going to kill your family and FedEx their remains to the seven continents." :) (Eh? Eh? Anyone?)


Undoubtedly, the most commonly used emoji for me. I am basically screaming from my rooftop, " Laugh minion. I am being funny", when I use this.
Ok - c'mon that was good.


I probably INITIATED this conversation just so that I could use this smiley. This smiley was the reason I replied to your "hey". I am a genius. Bow before me.


Get yourself a glass of water, and drown yourself in it. You're boring/irritating me. You do not deserve to live. Or you might've stated something dumb or obvious - in which case you are simply stupid.


Random Person A : I looked good, right?
Random Person B : Your work is incomplete too, right?
Random Person c : You're telling the truth, right?
Me being all : Yeeeesss. *insert that face*
In actuality, you looked horrible.
My work has been completed, checked and marked, sweety. You are two weeks too late.
And no. I am not telling the truth. I did eat all the chocolates. Mom. 
But I want you to know that without saying so, so there.
Annd there ya have it. My completely - and - utterly - useless guide to when to use emojis. You, my benighted doofuses are more enlightened than you were three minutes ago.


  1. This is a bit like that Superwoman video (the one she did on emojis - especially the smirk face one, it sounds similar.), but ayyyy, not bad. *smirk face emoji*

    1. Well it was the inspiration, ya know :D

  2. Enjoyed reading it. The descriptions were bang on :D
    One piece of advice, the background makes it kinda difficult to read properly, try changing the font colour perhaps. Just my two cents. :)

    1. Okay xD
      Thanks for reading though. Its really nice to find new bloggers on the block.