Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Rage Rant

Sometimes, (read : most) this society frustrates me. I hate living in a society where its a crime to not watch Comedy Nights with Kapil (I don't by the way. I hate that show*.There - I said it. Sue me.) but its absolutely fine if you do not know who the vice-president of India is. I hate residing in a community where the discussion in the school bus in the morning is what happened on last nights episode of Roadies.(Or worse : that soap opera even your mom doesn't watch) I despise a society where people pseudo protest about feminism and women's rights, but then when you ask them who Malala is - they turn a blank face. I loathe a society where it is "cool" to play guitar but suddenly you become the weirdo in the room if you play sitar. :\ I hate a community where it is still considered an insult if you call someone "gay", where eyebrows are still raised if you say you support LGBT rights ( I do assholes. Bite me.).
I'm sorry, I do not know what bought on such rage in me. Maybe I've talked to one idiot too many. Maybe I've smacked one person too many for making stupid remarks about how homosexuality is "unnatural". Or maybe I've heard one talk too many on how Kapil is "awesome" while I'm trying to nap in the bus. Or maybe the heat has driven me crazy. Bear with me. Okay?

* If you are a Comedy Nights with Kapil fan, please do not come at me. I beg of you, because I swear Comedy Nights fans are worse than Beliebers. No offense though. But that show is NOT funny. #JustSayin'.


  1. I hate Comedy Nights with Kapil too. Not only is the show not funny, it isn't even very entertaining. If I wish to be entertained for an hour or so, I'd rather watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode. People think I "don't understand comedy" or that I do not have a good taste because I don't like the show and I'm simply like- Siriusly?? That's how you're gonna put me down????

    I also agree with everything else you said. Especially the LGBT rights thing- I kind of assumed (thanks to Tumblr and the rest of the awesome internet) that everybody was supportive of it. But boy was I wrong!
    People even my age cringed when I mentioned something about some nice gay couple!
    How can we expect progress from our country if even the youth is so narrow minded?!?!

    1. Yes - YES!! Finally someone who agrees!! I literally got HATE from people for saying the above lines!!
      What IS it about that show? I know I have a good sense of humour, just that I do not laugh at stupid, keep-your-wits-aside comedy. Hehe "Siriusly?" I see watcha did there :P
      About the LGBT thing, I was once in a mall where there was this gay couple - this was right after the 377 thing - and they're holding hands. So I gave them the nicest smile I could. BUT the table behind me, these Oh-my-Gosh-look-at-me-I'm-so-posh-just-because-I carry-a-20K smartphone-and-say-"LOL"- girls went "Ewww... look at them. That is so gross." I am pretty sure the couple heard them - and I swear if I had a machete at that point in time, I'd have killed them(the girls ob-viously).