Saturday, 26 April 2014


So I was on the flight from Raipur and I look at this massive thing – this 200 ton piece of metal as it stays afloat in the air on its way to a city that is 1500 km and two hours away. And I look at this massive thing as it flies and I cannot help but marvel at Man's insolence.
I mean I have got to say this for the entirity of our species – we are all rebels, bigtime. I mean, Nature says “You cannot fly.”
We say, “Yeah right. What's this big guy for?”*whilst pointing towards an airbus*
Nature says, “You cannot live underwater.”
We say, “Screw you. I'm gonna build me a submarine.”
Naature says, “You DEFINITELY cannot go to space.”
We say, “Shut up – I have a frigging spaceship.”
Every other species on the Earth complies to Nature's rules. Not us. We bend Nature, not vice versa. You don't see fish trying to walk on land, do you?
I'm not saying that there is and DEFINITELY is an omnipotent power sitting up there overseeing everything we do wrong and meting out punishment for when we die, but I am saying there is something. Like a capital-S Something. I believe in A God. I do not know what religion it is, or if it is a part of an established religion at all, but I believe in a higher power that balances everything out in the end.

And IF thats true – if I'm right, Man's insolence can't prove too good for Man. That is all I'm saying/


  1. Very true. God is somewhere out there watching . It is really obvious to me. I could never understand how some people can ignore his or her existence.

    1. Yeah, who knows it better than a jedi :-p

    2. Lots of people. Me, for example. And Dumbledore. And Brom(from Eragon)

    3. Wait a sec, a jedi is more wise than Dumbledore and brom. Jedi has greatest wisdom............................ wisdom of force!

    4. I forgive you for being oblivious. A Jedi only knows so much :P