Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Book that Almost Ruined my Life

Okay exaggeration.
But, hear me out.
This book almost ruined my German paper, hence my CGPA, hence my school choice preference, hence my career, hence my life. 
Told you I was exaggerating.
Well, my best friend gave me this book Lock and Key ONE day before my German exam.  And me and being, well - me - couldn't leave a book lying around in my house without devouring it. Same goes for chocolate actually. 
So long story short I read a 400+ page book in a day. Before my exam. Here is what happened :
Le me : *wakes up at 10 am*
            *reads story book till noon*
            * talks on phone till 12:30 pm*
            *reads storybook again till 2 pm*
At 2 pm
Le me : Lets study!
            *opens German book*
At 3 pm 
Le me : bleh! *shuts German book*
                    *reads storybook. finishes it. looks at time*
It was 8 pm
Le me : Dayumm

So I basically studied German for one more hour before I went to sleep. 
I gave a disastrously bad German paper, but I think I'll scrape through.
Phew. Narrow Escape.     

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