Friday, 7 February 2014

Week 5, What I'm grateful for

I am not someone who is often grateful or thankful to people so lemme take this opportunity to finally get it over with : 

1. My hands (the presence of them, that is) for allowing me to write and type.
2. My mom - for sacrificing everything, everything for me and my brother
3. Dad - for being the most caring, loving, honest,     trustworthy person I know
4. My sometimes irritating and always a moron brother - for his advice and despite all the teasing and pranks, the fact that he actually cares
5. My two best friends - for being so awesome :P  
6. My ongoing education ( I surprise myself sometimes)
7. For India being a democracy and allowing me to make my own choices and hope fully one day - vote!
8. My blog - for being a collection of my vaguest thoughts
9. Roald Dahl, Ruskin Bond, JKR, and Enid Blyton - I grew up with you guys.
10. My sense of humor - life would've been very hard without it
11. The fact that I can speak my mind and am not afraid of it
12. The fact that I have all senses intact
13. Moffatiss - thanks for Sherlock
14. My current English teacher - for making me realize that I need to be humble

Thank you. 


  1. "My current English teacher - for making me realize that I need to be humble."
    English teachers are the best.
    And also, Sherlock. :)