Friday, 28 February 2014

Girly Girls (Thanks Rutvi *_*)

So this blog post is inspired by my friend Rutvi. No - no, she's not a girly girl. She just happened to write a blog post on the same topic. Here's a link to that awesomeness. (You're paying me for the publicity, Rutvi :P)
So, anyway. Back to the topic. The first thing that pops into my head when I hear the words "Girly - girl is this :

That's right. PINK -_-
And I happen to associate the colour pink with evil, thanks to a certain Ms. Umbridge. 
That Cow
Basically I think there are two kinds of girls :
The Other Kind
My Kind


Now the other kind - or girly girls, whatever you call  them - are the kinds that are perpetually dressed up in mascaras and stilettos. My kind usually goes about in flip-flops and unwashed tees. Also these girls happen to have a zillion boyfriends, are constantly texting, and most importantly - INDULGE IN SELFIES - AND WORSE, DUCK FACES.
Yeah. Generally their hobby is to point out to you that you mobile cover doesn't match your outfit. (Yes. That happened to a friend of mine :| ) 
I mean, I'm not saying my kind is perpetually in flip-flops. We may dress up once in a while, there may be one selfie in our phones - but our life doesnt revolve around our LBD's and duck faces. There is more to us - we aren't facades. We do not panic if we don't find the exact shade of blueberry that was on the cover of Elle magazine. We don't start crying if our mobile cover isn't exactly hip. Its not the end of the world for us if we chip a nail. 
I'm not degrading girly girls (okay - maybe just a little), but I'm just pointing out the stark differences our kinds have. My kind is generally into - in our eyes - better stuff, like fangirlism and nerdfighteria. You girly girls don't have to join us. But that's it isn't it? We're different. 


  1. hey preetha,
    Pretty nice work.
    i was seriously awestruck to see the total views.
    Though, i havent read all of your blogs.
    But hey that "Book which runied my life" was awesome.
    Mail me asap.

    1. My god, I am so glad youu like my work! :D This is awesome, getting such feedbacks :)