Friday, 31 January 2014

Week 4 of 52 Lists, Your Future and Current Goals and Aims

Hmm... here goes : 
1. Pass 12th
2. Give my 4th year exam for music
(If you'd had asked me about it one week ago, this would've been on my list) 
3. Attend a Literature Festival and/or a Concert
4. Participate in a Food Marathon (the eating kind)
This is turning out to be my bucket list. Dayum.
5. Pass my 10th Exams
6. NOT get a boyfriend in school.
( EDIT, Jan,2016 :As of now, and there are two more months of school, in which time I shall be buried under a giant pile of numbers and theories,I am boyfriend-less. Yay!-on my successful endeavour to have a happening life!)
Yep. That's an aim. I don't have to try very hard to achieve it. 
7. Read 30 books in a year
Yeah - right!
8. Own a puppy and name him 'Voldy'.
9. Get into a good college.
That is number nine on my list of priorities. Gosh. -_-
10. Pay more attention to my writing.
11. Go on a road trip with friends
12. Not smoke. Like - ever.
13. Sponsor a child's education.
14. Beat someone up real bad. 
I seriously dont know why thats an aim, really. o_O


  1. Ha, I see that like me, you're doing a weekly blog post. :) I like your lists. Mine's about reading and writing and seems a bit boring now. :-/

    1. Ahh thank you!! And I'm pretty sure you are exaggerating about your lists!

  2. Why would you not give fourth year music exam? WHY?

    1. Actually, I struck it off because i had already given the exam. :)
      Who's this kind stranger, btw?