Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Week 3 of 52 Lists, Things you should be proud of

I had to reaaally dig deep for this one, but I've finally come out with a list of things that I am really, genuinely proud of. 
1. I started reading at the age of two
2. I hold one degree in German, and four in Music
3. I survived 2012 and ninth grade together
4. I have an eidetic memory
5. I speak four languages
6. My blog
7. I can roll my tongue
8. I play(ed) tennis
9. I will never knowingly harm anyone else
10. I survived two degree Celsius weather in cotton socks
11. I can type very fast
12. My best friend and family
13. I read Harry Potter in the second grade
14. I play the sitar

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