Saturday, 18 January 2014

School is Overrated

I often hear my father reminiscing about his school days. Our teachers more than often remind us that these are "our golden years". I've read countless articles expressing the same views. But when I relate it to my life, I get depressed to think about the quality of my "golden years". Frankly - school seems a tad bit overrated. Every single day, after I've dragged myself out of bed(and might I mention - my Blankie), met the minimum parameters of looking civilised, been chased down the street by a crazy dog, literally run after my bus, and finally slouched into my seat in class - all I want to do is crawl back home. But its not over yet - its only just started! After seven exhausting,and seemingly endless periods, several interviews regarding "what my book is doing at home", and several more sessions of "standing up straight during prayer", I have NO energy left in me. Oh - and did I mention the projects? It takes me THREE hours longer t make that shit than it took the teacher to think of it. And after I've poured my blood and sweat onto a sheet of paper, she takes ONE look at it, comments on how the border's color combination could be better and gives me a FOUR out of ten.( Also, this was a SCIENCE project, so my color combination skills were not in question)Also, there's the world class cuisine they serve to us in the canteen. You can find everything here, from spring rolls that have been fried in the same oil for the entire session, to patties that have been on the shelves since before I was born. I can see why they call it our golden years. -_-

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