Saturday, 22 November 2014

Friends. (Warning : This is mushy.)

Friends really are the biggest help you can get. Ever. Really. I mean, they might be mean jerks at times who eat all your food and steal your pens, but when the time comes, when you're actually upset, that's when they stop being obnoxious and start being their true selves. They can make you laugh when you're extremely, extremely down. And that too at the weirdest of jokes. They might make fun of you, but trust me; every time you turn your back they'll there, grinning and laughing at you telling you to go on. But they'll be there, and is all that matters, doesn't it? They might make claims at how slow you run but they'll scream themselves hoarse cheering for you when you're in a race. They might laugh themselves silly over your accent and oration, but its they who'll be passing you encouraging smiles from the wings during your speech. Never, ever disregard your friends guys. There's a reason we've been told that from a very young age. I mean everything else comes and goes, but three things stay : your dog, your family and your true friends.And to a certain extent, your fat. Why I'm ranting on about all this?
Well, because I witnessed today, just about what real friendship can do and how much it can touch you. I saw how much your friends change your life and just how much they matter. Hold them close, guys. They care. 
To my own friends, who're reading this, you are important - and even though I don't say this to you guys every single day of the year, I will say it now. Hold on tight - this is the most mushy I am gonna be this year. You guys rock. You are Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Ginny Weasley, Tony Stark, Benedict Cumberbatch, Abed, and a little bit of Batman, merged into one. You are, to me, what Christopher Nolan is, to movie buffs. You guys are the opposite of Twilight. You are human cheese nachos and ice cream. You guys are unicorns with frigging rainbow coloured tails. 
Thats it. Too much mushy. I'm out. 

Friday, 7 November 2014


I have been reliably informed by sources that my blog's contents are for the light hearted. If you're looking for a laugh, skip this post right away. This - me posting this here - is completely selfish. Its for me and only me. Its not for the bereavement of the society at large - which is believe is turning to mush anyway. Don't read it. Watch as I don't give a shit. 
My Didun - my grandmother, my storyteller, my guide - was found hanging from the ceiling of our ancestral home in Kolkata. She was 86. Why, you ask -the few of you who are bothering to read - would someone take this step at 86, when their life is drawing to a close anyway? I'll tell you why.
Because its illegal here, in India, to have mercy killings. Its against the law to rid people of excruciating pain. Its a crime to fulfill what is some people's last wish. Well, she fulfilled her last wish her damn self. Didun - I salute you. They say cowards commit suicide. You're a queen. 
'They' do not know that you cried while taking your daily bath. That the only thing you truly looked forward to all day, was two hours of telly time.  That it killed you to turn around in bed, let alone to stand up and tie that noose around your neck. They do not know that you had a broken arm, while already suffering from osteoporosis.Yet, you picked up that stool, that I cannot pick up with both of my arms. They do not know that each day you woke up, you could feel your very bones literally being frayed away. That your bones were hollow from within. That you felt it all. That you were a mute spectator to the game your body was playing with you. They know nothing about pain, Didun. 
They don't know shit.
You're a queen. 
Rest in Peace.

Eternal Love,
Preetha and Reeju.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Quick Overview of my Room.

I spend most of my days holed up in here so I figured I might as well tell you guys about it. See my room isn't really for those prim and perfect kinds - the ones that keep books in shelves or clothes in cupboards. The moment you enter my room you'll be greeted by the ever inviting whiff of stale food rotting away somewhere, dirty socks, and unwashed clothes. After you've made your way through the ancient packets of chips, you'll arrive at my bed. Nothing unusual about my bed. Just a bedspread under a racket, a few old socks, my clothes, a few CD's, some books, my headphones, a pillow, two or maybe three rats, and some peanut shells. Just your regular everyday bed. 
Then after a sharp left you reach my study table where I keep all my work. Now I love work - I can't seem to get enough of it. I can't part with it. I sit and look at it for hours. I rearrange and arrange it everyday. It pains my very soul to part with it. I collect it judiciously. I dust and clean it on my own everyday. Right now its sitting all pretty in a nice tower on my study table. 
You might just stumble on to my laptop somewhere else as well. And on the way you might encounter some animals. Some of which haven't been discovered by Science yet. And on that happy note, we come to the end of this post! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Redial Button : Awkward Conversation Catalyst

This might be due my general clumsiness or inability to do anything properly - but the redial button on my stupid landline is the bane of my existence. Now you all know I'm no hard worker. I am NOT going to dial a number AGAIN, that I dialed three minutes ago. 
See here is what happens. Ninety percent of the times. 
I dial a number, being all happy, ask what I need to and then hang up. Maximum five minute conversation. But because my brain is located somewhere near my butt, information gets lost somewhere on its way from down there, to my mouth because I unfailingly forget to ask what I actually needed to. I mean I can talk about the weather, ask about people's extended family, air my opinions on the current five year plan( full disclosure : I haven't the faintest), and have a mini heated debate about the existence of Pok√©mon. But asking what's coming in the next day's test? Pfft. Hell no. That gets lost in transition from my brain to my mouth. And basically fifteen minutes later I realise WHY I picked up the damn phone in the first place. 
Now it inevitably happens that in the span of this fifteen minutes - between it dawning on me that I didn't ask what I was supposed to, and disconnecting the call - I have had ANOTHER pointless conversation with person B already. 
And now I'm all like, "Damn - I didn't ask A about the test!"
So what do I do? Basic instinct. Press redial only to call Person B. And I'm expecting Person A's dude voice on the phone, but what I DO get is Person B's high pitched voice asking me why I'm calling literally after five minutes and don't I have anything better to do in life than to waste other people's time. And BECAUSE my brain is near my butt, and literally works with the speed of an obese snail, I keep on saying "Hello" in the most puzzled voice ever for eight minutes before I realise I've called the wrong person, by which time Person B is so mad that they are spewing lava into the phone. Wouldn't want to share THOSE profanities with you now. 
Yeah - I've lost friends because of this. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

What Emojis Really Mean

Some people use a lot of Emoticons while conversing(guilty of the crime.).And not to sound boastful or anything, but I consider myself something of an - ehem - expert *collar up* in the field that is emoticons.

When in doubt send a smiley. Did you make a joke? Were you being sarcastic? Are you mad at me? Are you serious? I couldn't figure, so there. This face could mean everything from "Ha ha. That is so funny", to "I am going to kill your family and FedEx their remains to the seven continents." :) (Eh? Eh? Anyone?)


Undoubtedly, the most commonly used emoji for me. I am basically screaming from my rooftop, " Laugh minion. I am being funny", when I use this.
Ok - c'mon that was good.


I probably INITIATED this conversation just so that I could use this smiley. This smiley was the reason I replied to your "hey". I am a genius. Bow before me.


Get yourself a glass of water, and drown yourself in it. You're boring/irritating me. You do not deserve to live. Or you might've stated something dumb or obvious - in which case you are simply stupid.


Random Person A : I looked good, right?
Random Person B : Your work is incomplete too, right?
Random Person c : You're telling the truth, right?
Me being all : Yeeeesss. *insert that face*
In actuality, you looked horrible.
My work has been completed, checked and marked, sweety. You are two weeks too late.
And no. I am not telling the truth. I did eat all the chocolates. Mom. 
But I want you to know that without saying so, so there.
Annd there ya have it. My completely - and - utterly - useless guide to when to use emojis. You, my benighted doofuses are more enlightened than you were three minutes ago.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Rage Rant

Sometimes, (read : most) this society frustrates me. I hate living in a society where its a crime to not watch Comedy Nights with Kapil (I don't by the way. I hate that show*.There - I said it. Sue me.) but its absolutely fine if you do not know who the vice-president of India is. I hate residing in a community where the discussion in the school bus in the morning is what happened on last nights episode of Roadies.(Or worse : that soap opera even your mom doesn't watch) I despise a society where people pseudo protest about feminism and women's rights, but then when you ask them who Malala is - they turn a blank face. I loathe a society where it is "cool" to play guitar but suddenly you become the weirdo in the room if you play sitar. :\ I hate a community where it is still considered an insult if you call someone "gay", where eyebrows are still raised if you say you support LGBT rights ( I do assholes. Bite me.).
I'm sorry, I do not know what bought on such rage in me. Maybe I've talked to one idiot too many. Maybe I've smacked one person too many for making stupid remarks about how homosexuality is "unnatural". Or maybe I've heard one talk too many on how Kapil is "awesome" while I'm trying to nap in the bus. Or maybe the heat has driven me crazy. Bear with me. Okay?

* If you are a Comedy Nights with Kapil fan, please do not come at me. I beg of you, because I swear Comedy Nights fans are worse than Beliebers. No offense though. But that show is NOT funny. #JustSayin'.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Books That Changed my Life

1. The Runaway Wheel

Its tiny. Its six page long - that's how short it is. The story's not too great either - just a silly one about a wheel tumbling down a hill getting in everyone's way and generally being very annoying. Why'd it change my then? Well - because it was where the adventure began!
This was the first book I read completely on my own without my mother's help. And I was a kid of about two and half at that time (go ahead. Do not believe me - I won't judge. Nobody ever believes my age when I say it to them!) But yes, this WAS the book that gave me the permanent hunger for books I still haven't quite satiated yet - and probably (and hopefully) never will. It basically sparked off the romance that was to only magnify over the years between me and books.

2. Andersen's Fairy Tales

The copy that I happen to own is ginormous. I still have difficulty in picking it up and carrying it around. When I was five/six/seven (which is when I read it), someone had to get it out and set it down on the floor for me. But I have this vague memory of lying down in my living during my summer break halfway through one of those endless afternoons, slowly turning pages of that giant of a book, travelling back and forth in time from my tiny corner. 
This book is one of those endless summers for me. It is not having a care in the world - this book for me symbolizes growing up.

3. Harry Potter Series

I started these when I was in the second grade, and like a million other people, Rowling changed my outlook on life by spinning a Utopian bubble in which I permanently resided - all with her words. 
I was an awkward kid growing up(still am, as a matter of fact) and to put it nicely - I was hated for some reason by everyone. Maybe it was because I came off as arrogant. Or pompous. Or both. Who knows? The point is that I resided in a friendless society. But because of Harry Potter I never felt the need to make friends in the real world. I lived in my own realm inside my bubble and thanks to Rowling, was blissfully unaware of it. 

4. Twilight 

Honestly, this one changed me because of how much I hated it. I hate Twilight with the fervent passion people generally reserve for Justin Beiber, and well... Twilight. Its sheer crappiness and BS rendered my obsolete. I remember having to force my way through the book, and it being the first romantic novel I'd read, because everyone around me was busy telling me how "its like totally awesome and stuff"and how "Edward is soooooo cute. I wanna like, marry him." -_-
On a serious note though, thank you Stephenie Meyers for steering me(and a lot of others) away from the realm of shitty teenage rom-com's at the very impressionable age of eleven. 

5. The Fault in Our Stars

Yes, its true John Green writes repetitive novels. But Gus appealed to the weirdo in me (and also to the weirdo in fifty million others). However, more than the story - the words, the ultimate futility of it all, the calm before the storm that'll eventually snuff out the candle some call life, and the courage/audacity/folly to laugh in the face of that approaching storm that you see on the horizon - that is what drew me in. I hated it at the first read. Probably because I'd prolifically been warned that my heart would be shattered irreparably into a million pieces. So I read through the four hundred pages, expecting epiphany to hit me like an oncoming school bus each time I flipped the page. But the arse epiphany is - it never hits you when you particularly want it to. And when I reached the end I was well - unmoved. 
But a re-read made it all clear to me. Oh yes, it broke my heart alright. It broke it into a million pieces. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Types of Students

Most people who read my blog are here because I send them the links on GMail followed with a " read it yet?" message every two seconds. So most people who read this post are my school friends and can probably relate to it quite well. To those who've passed out of school, lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

1. Ass Kissers
God do I hate these people. Do you remember those girls who wagged their tails every time a teacher smiled at them? Those kids that walked two steps behind the teacher carrying a hundred and two notebooks, those that had a 'special' " Good morning ma'am!" tone reserved for every damn teacher? Yeah - those are the people who deserve to be murdered with a machete. 
They are the kids who not only bothered to memorise the teacher's birthday, but also made her a giant big-ass card. 
And Teachers Day? That was field day for these people. Girls in my class used to prepare for that day. I mean you'd know it was Teacher's Day when there'd be twenty girls in your class arriving with forty-something roses, thirty - something boxes of candy, eighty - something cards and an infinite number of "we wuvv you ma'am"'s being spoken in extremely nasal tones. -_-

2. The Jocks Yo'!
These are the sports dudes. Now my school is one of those where if you are in the football team there is probably a shrine under construction to your name somewhere on the school premises. Jocks stroll the corridors like they own them, walking around showing everyone their "sweg". They are the typical back benchers with smoking addictions and eight girlfriends each. But there is one common characteristic prevalent among every jock I've come across till date - God are they dumb! I had the misfortune of having one of these said Jocks as my team mate in one of our group assignments last year and it was physically painful explaining to this guy the basics of hydrocarbons. *shudders*

3. The Nerds/ Geeks
Basically my people. (Hi guys!) I've written an entire rant about the various divisions and subdivisions in our species, here : . 
Shameless publicity Preetha. Tut-tut. 

4. The Mean Girls
Yeah I'm referring exactly to those girls in the Lindsay Lohan movie. These chicks breeze into class with impeccably applied makeup, their hair done all trendy, their French manicures in place, and here I am in my messy hair in a bun with my chipped nails staring at them wondering what the hell did I do wrong! 
Frankly I simply do not get these girls. I do not get why you would dress up so much - you clearly applied that foundation, powder, concealer, kajal, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and what not for no less than thirty minutes - to come to a non - airconditioned school, in the middle of July, in a place so hot that if I go out and crack an egg on the cement right now, I'll have a good plateful of scrambled eggs in front of me. 

5. The Casanovas
Basically the guy your mom warned you about. They are the heartbreakers, the players. They are the guys whose photo every girl kisses before going to sleep.(No - I do not generally fall into that category of girls. I'm usually the weirdo in the corner stuffing her face in the second period.) 
And God do they know the fact that they're heart throbs. Trust me when I say this - they take full advantage of that fact. One of these casanovas once approached me. He looks at me with half closed eyes. leans in towards me a bit as if tying to make my heart flutter. Now do not get me wrong - I'm straight. But its as if casanovas have no affect on me whatsoever. They can pout at me all they want and I will not even bat an eyelid. So this guy leans in and produces what he thinks is a throaty voice and goes all like, "Hey Preetha... Would you do my homework for me?" 
And I stare at him for two seconds like : 

Then I go back to my sandwich. 
These guys are the kind that expect you to fawn over them. This guy asked me to do his homework, and it was like he was doing me a favour. And they hate being turned down. 
Actually I think that is primarily why their kind hates me. 

6. The Social Zombies
These are the people who are absolutely inept at talking. It is not like they are introverts, they just crap their pants every time you say hi to them. I once said "Hello" to one of these guys, and seriously - it seemed as if he was in actual pain. His eyes started bulging in their sockets, his palms were quavering a bit, he was gulping trying to sink into the floor... just a pitiful sight to watch. Naturally these are the people whom everyone ignores. 
Creepy fact : These are the people who generally who generally turn into chainsaw killers. So be nice to them. For your future kids' sake. 

Anyways this was my take on various types of students. I know school often seems like a giant pain in the arse(it often is, actually) but all of us school - goers should try to cherish it while it lasts anyways. :) 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Types of Siblings

India is a huge country, and being Indian -  siblings is one thing I happen to not have a scarcity of. So I have categorized the many different types of siblings into five broad categories. Here goes :
  1. Jailbreak
    Is this just in India, but basically whatever – WHATEVER – the older siblings do, they get away with, just because they're older. I mean its like God gave them an unlimited supply of 'Get out of trouble' coupons. My older brother felt that it was not only his privilege but his duty to change the rules of games we used to play whilst we were playing them to ensure his own victory and if I went all, “Mom – dada(Bangla for 'older brother') is cheating!”
    My mother would go all like, “Preetha listen to your brother – he's older.”
    I mean, WHAT?! Its as if all his crimes are being justified just because he is older than I am!
  2. The Perfect Pansy
    Now your parents say that they don't have favorites, and that could be true depending on how much you believe in fantasies. But there is that one sibling whose framed photo stands on the mantelpiece of when they met the President. Right next to their 'Best Student Award'. Which lies right next to the gold they won at State championships. This sibling of yours has the perfect track record – no blotches on it whatsoever. And at family get togethers, while you are the weirdo in the corner with headphones on; this sibling's all chilling with his/her mausaji/mausiji laughing at all their pathetic jokes.
    So what happens to you now? Constant comparison.
    “Preetha your sister was a marvel at Music. Look at you – friggin' First division only.”
    “Preetha your brother got full in Math all the time. Why've you got one mark less?”
    And then they say they don't have favorites. Pfft.
  3. The Uncle/ Auntijies
    Now this sibling usually has a huge age gap (the person to whom this concerns knows I'm referring to her. Or him maybe. ) and instead of being like your bro – they act like your Uncle or Auntijy. I swear, these siblings are more protective than your parents will ever be.
    Going on a three day excursion from the school? Sounds “dangerous”. -_-
    There are boys coming to the party? You are not “old enough”. -_-
    Out of the house at 7:30 in the evening? You are becoming “insolent”. -_-
  4. The Brat
    Now this is usually the youngest sibling because they are loved most by EVERYONE, and probably are super super pampered. If the older sibling got a Cadbury's bar on their sixteenth birthday – this brat needs two boxes of Ferrero Rochers, a new jersey and a Nintendo DS just to be kept from whining. This brat is used to receiving gifts from every other relative every month or so, and fair warning – he/she WILL make a fuss if this gift somehow happens to not show up.
    And I'm proud to say, that in my family that brat is me (Hey brother :D).
  5. The Evil Squealers
    I don't if you have those really, really tiny cousins who think it is unfathomably hilarious if they somehow disturb the carom board, or push the chess board off the table? Yeah those are the worst. And babies are cute, but God are they evil.
    I was talking to a guy on the phone(we were solving a Physics problem for God's sake -_-) and one of these tiny nephews of mine hears me and goes to my mom all in his cute voice going, “I think Preetha has a boyfriend.”
    And adults are weird because they don't believe three year olds when they say they drank their milk but believe them when they say other people have boyfriends. And basically I had to sit through a fifteen minute investigation. :|
Having said that, siblings are amazing. If you don't have one you do not know what you are missing out on.You may fight with them all day long, but one day will come when they will be married and have kids and be expected to stand at the adults table while talking to their in-laws, and you'll be standing there staring at them being all, “Don't stand there being a bore. Yeah -you. In your grown up clothes now. Don't stand there discussing politics and come play cards with me.”

If you have a sibling I want you to whoop them on the head today. Siblings are more important to you than you think. Cherish them.  

Saturday, 26 April 2014


So I was on the flight from Raipur and I look at this massive thing – this 200 ton piece of metal as it stays afloat in the air on its way to a city that is 1500 km and two hours away. And I look at this massive thing as it flies and I cannot help but marvel at Man's insolence.
I mean I have got to say this for the entirity of our species – we are all rebels, bigtime. I mean, Nature says “You cannot fly.”
We say, “Yeah right. What's this big guy for?”*whilst pointing towards an airbus*
Nature says, “You cannot live underwater.”
We say, “Screw you. I'm gonna build me a submarine.”
Naature says, “You DEFINITELY cannot go to space.”
We say, “Shut up – I have a frigging spaceship.”
Every other species on the Earth complies to Nature's rules. Not us. We bend Nature, not vice versa. You don't see fish trying to walk on land, do you?
I'm not saying that there is and DEFINITELY is an omnipotent power sitting up there overseeing everything we do wrong and meting out punishment for when we die, but I am saying there is something. Like a capital-S Something. I believe in A God. I do not know what religion it is, or if it is a part of an established religion at all, but I believe in a higher power that balances everything out in the end.

And IF thats true – if I'm right, Man's insolence can't prove too good for Man. That is all I'm saying/

Friday, 4 April 2014

TMI (Pt 2) : Too Much Information - a continuation of Rutvi's post

I had read TMI by Rutvi a long time back, but I was travelling and hence unable to write a post. Okay then. here we go : 

1. What are you wearing? 

My purple tee with flowers on it and my blue Dora pajamas (not a word Rutvi. Not a word.)

2. Ever been in love?

Never in the real world. But I have courted Fred and George (yes both of them) several times in my head. Does that count?

3. Ever been in a terrible breakup? 

I need to be in a real world relationship for that so no. 

4. How tall are you? 

Thank you for reminding me once again how short I am -_- I am 5"2. Not the tallest person in the world.

5. How much d'you weigh? 

Last I checked - 54 kgs. But that was before I went to my aunts place for three days so I think you can safely add twenty kilos to my present weight.

6. Any tattoos? 

Na. Parents wouldn't allow. 

7. Any piercings? 

The ears. 

8. OTP?

 Sherlolly. And Dramione. 

9. Favorite show?
You seriously want to ask me that? Prepare self for oncoming onslaught of squealing.
BBT. How I Met Your Mother. Sherlock. Castle. Community. 

10. Favorite band? 

Coldplay. The Dubliners. Led Zepellin. Lifehouse. Def Leppard. 

11. Something you miss? 

Looking up to see a sky clear of pollution

12. Favorite song? 

A most difficult question, but I'll try. La Boulange. Fix You. Viva la Vida. The Masons Apron. Kiss the Rain. Pour some Sugar on me. Hopipolla. Yellow Submarine. Currently listening to Whiskey Lullaby and Whiskey in a Jar. 

13. How old are you? 

16 years. 

14. Zodiac sign?

I'm an Archer!

15. Qualities you look for in a partner.
Haven't really given it a thought. But I'd say humour. And intelligence to some extent.

16. Favorite quote?

Changes everyday. But right now its " Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon" 
EDIT : It changed. Its this beauty that I found in The Fault in our Stars : 
As the tide washed in, the Dutch Tulip Man faced the ocean:
"Conjoiner rejoinder poisoner concealer revelator. Look at it, rising up and rising down, taking everything with it."
"What's that?" I asked.
"Water," the Dutchman said. "Well, and time."

17. Favorite actor?

Johnny Depp. Navasuddin Siddiqui. 

18. Favorite color? 

Black. Purple. Blue. Red.

19. Loud music or soft music?

Mostly soft. Depends on my mood really. I do not mind loud occasionally, but mainly I prefer soft. 

20. Where do you go when you are sad? 

In my room. I have a tiny cubby hole overlooking the window. That place has provided me solace for many years.

21. How long does it take you to shower?

Ten minutes approximately. Though it can go upto an hour if I'm listening to music/ shampooing. 

22. How long does it take you to get ready?

Depends on how late I am. I have gotten ready in precisely two minutes and have stretched it to 20 mins as well.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?


24. Turn off?

BO and dumbness. And a fondness for One Direction

25. Turn on?

Humour! And you automatically make the cut if you're Tom Felton.

26. Major reason you joined Blogger? 

Brother told me to. Then my cousin and her friend encouraged it and here I am!

27. Fears? 

Being a fan of One Direction someday. And the dark. (And oblivion :P)

28. Last thing that made you cry?

I watched the TFIOS trailer a week back. For the fourteenth time. Still cried.

29. Last time you said "I love you" to someone?

To my mom when she left for office this morning. Oh wait - no. To Benedict Cumberbatch's poster a few mins back.

30. Meaning behind your Blogger/Youtube name?

'Bovine' is a word that refers to cows
'Chronicles' is basically events
Yes I'm calling myself a cow.

31. Last book you read?

Just finished Little Women. Really liked it!

32. What are you currently reading? 

Can't really say because I've just finished Little Women. (I mean just as in - just put the book down ) but I plan to read The Three Musketeers.

33. Last show you watched?

How I Met Your Mother's last episode. They were airing it on the TV.

34. Last person you talked to? 

Well in person - my mom
On the phone - with Pankhuri
and I last chatted with my cousin Raka

35. Relationship between the last person you texted.

I texted my best friend last night after I landed. Our relationship - we're best friends. xD

36. Favorite food?

Thank you for my favorite question. Hmmm... Ice cream. Bacon. Pork Ribs. Dal Makhni and Chicken Tikka. Momos. My moms Chicken Biryani. Butter Chicken. Sirloin Steak. In short - everything and anything that is non - vegetarian.

37. Places you want to visit. 

Refer to My List of Places You Want to Go.

38. Last place you were?

The airport - before that the plane - and before that in Chhattisgarh. 

39. Do you have a crush? 

Lots. Fred and George. Harry. Sherlock. Barney Stinson. I could go on but you get the gist.

40. Last time you kissed someone? 

My mom.Last night before going to bed.

41. Last time you were insulted?

Last evening -_-

42. Favorite flavour of sweet? 


43. What instrument do you play?

The sitar. And the keyboard.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry? 

I hold my earring collection pretty close to my heart.

45. Last sport you played? 

Basketball. Two weeks back. *sighs*

46. Last song you sang? 

Ho Hey by the Lumineers while painting in my room. Yes - I paint in my room. Be jealous :P
EDIT : When I say I paint in my room, I actually mean I paint on the walls of my room. I've got Harry Potter quotes all over the place. Right. Continue being jealous.

47. Favorite chat-up line? 

Umm not really sure what this means but going by Rutvi's answers I'd say "Are you a Potterhead?" or "Do you like John Green?" 

48. Have you ever used it? 

Ofcourse. Every time I meet someone new that's the second question I ask them (after their name). 

49. Last time you hung out with someone?

Pankhuri came over for a sleepover the day before I went to C'garh.

50. *LAASTT* Who should answer these questions next? 

Definitely Adi and Samruddhi and Smriti and whoever happens to be reading this!

Rutvi - this was tiring! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Book that Almost Ruined my Life

Okay exaggeration.
But, hear me out.
This book almost ruined my German paper, hence my CGPA, hence my school choice preference, hence my career, hence my life. 
Told you I was exaggerating.
Well, my best friend gave me this book Lock and Key ONE day before my German exam.  And me and being, well - me - couldn't leave a book lying around in my house without devouring it. Same goes for chocolate actually. 
So long story short I read a 400+ page book in a day. Before my exam. Here is what happened :
Le me : *wakes up at 10 am*
            *reads story book till noon*
            * talks on phone till 12:30 pm*
            *reads storybook again till 2 pm*
At 2 pm
Le me : Lets study!
            *opens German book*
At 3 pm 
Le me : bleh! *shuts German book*
                    *reads storybook. finishes it. looks at time*
It was 8 pm
Le me : Dayumm

So I basically studied German for one more hour before I went to sleep. 
I gave a disastrously bad German paper, but I think I'll scrape through.
Phew. Narrow Escape.     

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Gormless Guide to What Not To Do

So my exams are going on.
So I mean I was thinking - yes, because when I am supposed to be learning facts and cramming stuff that I can guarantee I will never ever need in my life, I spend my time doing seemingly more doable stuff like *pause for dramatic effect* - thinking. 
So I was thinking about the things people shouldn't do so that other people don't think they're complete jerks. And after having discussed with a few friends (Pabby, Adi, Pankhu :D ), we present before you, a list of What Not To Do :

1. Do not say "Er my gosh... ex-ciuze me?" in a Kim Kardshian-y voice when people bump into you. I mean, I'm sorry I hurt you but I obviously did not hurt you enough to make you stop being a dick about it.
2. Do not put a price tag on every. Damn. Thing. I mean, "I bought this phone for 20k lol." It gets more useless than that, "I went to see this doctor, his fee was 850 bucks." Did. I . ASK??
3. Do NOT criticize your own country. Sheesh you pathetic asses. :|
4.Do NOT be a grammar nazi. Seriously,
   Me : Hey. Happy birtday!
   Person : Thanks. Improve your english
   Me : English will be spelt with a capital 'e' you pompous ass. *goes offline*
5. Do not stand in front of queues like McDonalds, whilst there are a dozen people behind you waiting for their own food, and decide what you want to eat. My friend stood behind this chic for literally five minutes before she finally decided she wouldn't be able to down large sized fries with her chicken burger.
6. If you're a teacher, do not wish students luck before the paper. I mean, "Thanks... Satan."
7. Do not tell people you're gonna flunk the test if you've studied TWELVE FREAKING HOURS for it. Don't mislead us.