Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Not. My. Books.

So yesterday I went for a music practice at my Sir's place. These practices aren't very happy times for me. Why? Well, his monster of a wife (who also happens to teach music) screeches at me everytime. "You don't practice", "You haven't got any musical talents", "If you're not interested then leave.", "Pathetic.","Idiot.". This is me paraphrasing them into very polite words of course.
But yesterday she crossed the line. After  I sucked at playing what I was supposed to play, she went "Yeah, you don't practice. You just laze around and read your story books." She said it in a very scathing tone and outside I was all like :
"Yes, maam."
But inside I was all like:

You do not take my books away from me. And as much as I like my music, I will sacrifice it all for my story books. I detest it when people ask you not to read books in place of something else. I mean you have NO idea what books mean to me so go screw it.
I realize that this post was not about anything particularly. But sometimes I just need to blow steam off. Thanks, to any one who was patient enough to read through to the bottom of this absolutely mundane post.


  1. There there...calm down kiddo...shit happens....go eat a lolly.. and do practice strumming your 'indian guitar' hehehehe

  2. ahahaha :P
    Yeah I should actually. My exams in two days time :(