Monday, 30 December 2013

My Brain is my Friend. NOT

'Michael Schumacher critical' is the headline that caught my eye yesterday evening. What was ironic was that I'd read the previous day's paper which mentioned that was 'injured but not serious'. Definitely not critical. In less than 24 hours, he's deteriorated from being defined as 'medically fit' to have undergone two brain surgeries. Right now, he's slipped into a coma fighting for life. This leads to believe that contrary to what we've always thought - the brain is not our friend. It may help you with your Physics assignment, but it loses its shit most unexpectedly.
Me and my best friend were sharing ghost stories the other day, and we came to the conclusion that most of the times its our brain that hypes the situation so much. And that's when the coping mechanism of the body kicks in. And you know what's creepier? We all hear noises that no one apparently can when we're spooked. Our brain is formulating the entire scheme for us then. Our senses defy us. We believe it. And there is nothing we can do about it because our brain is not our friend.
Example : When you read the word  "puppies" or "muffins", you feel warm and fuzzy. But if I begin a story with the line "It was a dark, stormy night..." with the correct sound effects, your heart beat immediately accelerates.
Remember when you swore you wouldn't think about something and all you did the entire day was curse your brain for thinking about nothing else?  Not your friend.
Conclusion : Yes, that symphony of chemicals(right usage?) sitting up there is not as rosy as you thought it to be. I now leave you with that comforting notion. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Not. My. Books.

So yesterday I went for a music practice at my Sir's place. These practices aren't very happy times for me. Why? Well, his monster of a wife (who also happens to teach music) screeches at me everytime. "You don't practice", "You haven't got any musical talents", "If you're not interested then leave.", "Pathetic.","Idiot.". This is me paraphrasing them into very polite words of course.
But yesterday she crossed the line. After  I sucked at playing what I was supposed to play, she went "Yeah, you don't practice. You just laze around and read your story books." She said it in a very scathing tone and outside I was all like :
"Yes, maam."
But inside I was all like:

You do not take my books away from me. And as much as I like my music, I will sacrifice it all for my story books. I detest it when people ask you not to read books in place of something else. I mean you have NO idea what books mean to me so go screw it.
I realize that this post was not about anything particularly. But sometimes I just need to blow steam off. Thanks, to any one who was patient enough to read through to the bottom of this absolutely mundane post.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Oblivion, An Imperial Affliction, and Augustus Waters

"I fear oblivion. I fear it like the proverbial blind man fears the dark."
Oblivion. Let's ponder upon this word for one second. Oxford defines oblivion as "the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one". 
For me its a tad bit different, but I'm not going into that right now - I'm going to take Augustus Waters' perception of it. Augustus Waters - Gus - is the lead from an enigma of a book "The Fault in Our Stars". He's seventeen years old, and had "a touch of osteosarcoma a year and a half back". How is he? He's grand. He's on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend. His words, not mine. 
Coming back to the aforementioned phrase. Again, this is just my perception, and mine only. Augustus is afraid of being forgotten - afraid of the fact that no one will remember him. He does not know how that feels like yet - oblivion, that is. Much like a blind man who does not know what the dark is, but is afraid of it. 
Who else but someone as awesome as John Green would put so much thought into one measly line? And who else but decidedly wonky and over-obsessive fangirls would put so much thought into squeezing the meaning out of said measly line? The book-reading(or enlightened) community is crazy indeed. Anyways, that was my take on the phrase.
I know, too much TFIOS, talk, right? To those who haven't read it yet,, I suggest that you immediately do. "Enigma" does not even begin to describe this book. And to those who have read it, they'll know what I'm rambling on about. :) 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Service to the Googling Community (You're Welcome)

I've been feeling very grateful nowadays, for completely mundane things like how wonderful the world is and how lucky I am, but I don't want to bore you all with that crap. So, I've decided to do a little service for the entire Googling community in general (You're welcome, minions). At Google I typed in the key words "Why are..." and then every letter in the alphabet. And I'm going to answer the top searched key phrase for every letter. Again Googlers, you're welcome. 

A. Why are Americans so stupid? 

     Umm... first of all, that is extremely stereotypical. And secondly, I don't think that Americans are inherently and pathetically stupid. (Also, I can't really say anything bad about about USA without their Secret Service being all up my back.) America is a big country and it is possible that some people might be stupid, but its not necessary that all are. There's a reason there have been more than 350 Nobel Laureates from that country, people.

B. Why are Biharis hated? 

     Again with the stereotypes - I'm ashamed at the Googling community. Anyways, I'm going to quote my beloved friend Wikipedia now : " Bihar has had slower economic growth than the rest of India in the 1990s, and as a consequence many Biharis have migrated to other parts of India in search of work. Bihari migrant workers have been subject to a growing degree of xenophobia, racial discrimination, prejudice and violenceBiharis are often looked down upon and their accent ridiculed."
    Yeah, now I've answered your question, EVEN though I don't hate them.

C. Why are clouds white? 

     Clouds are composed of tiny round water droplets, which form when water vapor condenses from a gas to a liquid. Next is the electromagnetic spectrum. As the sun’s light passes through these small cloud droplets, it scatters. Unlike scattering in the sky or ocean, in which molecules are so small they only scatter blue and violet light, water droplets are large enough the scatter the entire spectrum. That's why clouds appear to be mostly white.
D. Why are demand deposits considered as money? 
    Demand deposits can be withdrawn from the whenever required. Thus it is considered as money.
E. Why are Earthquakes caused?
     Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake.
F. Why are forests affected by wars?
    The smoke from the fires block out the sun for a long time, disabling them from photosynthesis,their only means of food. The leftover gun shells strangle the roots on some of the smaller plants. Plus the fact of there possibly being a fire in the actual forest, which cuts its size down. 
G. Why are girls so dumb? 
      OH MY GOD. That is it. Girls are NOT dumb. Look at Hermione Granger, folks. I mean I know she's fictional , but people like her exist. Girls are not dumb. Period. 
H. Why are header files important?
     This has something to do with computers. Not talking to the right person here.
I. Why are insects attracted to light? 
    Phototaxis: Phototaxis is an organism's automatic movement toward or away from light. A lot of insects show positive phototaxism, and are hence attracted towards light.
J. Why are Jews so smart? 
    STEREOTYPES!  After the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E., the survival of the Jewish religion demanded that every Jew learn to read and write, and acquire      knowledge-acquisition skills; whoever was unable to do so − became assimilated. Thus, out of necessity, the Jews found themselves possessed with skills that proved critical for their economic development. Thus, education has been in their blood for a long time. 
K. Why are Korean girls so skinny? 
    Okay, I'll indulge in this one stereotype cuz I wanna know their secret too-but turns out they eat TONS of sugar.I still haven't figured out how they stay thin. the girls eat ungodly amounts, tons     of rice, and are toothpicks. It may be because everything is spicy, and they do walk a lot. I dunno. I guess God just happens to love 'em. 
L. Why are leaves green? 
 The green color in leaves is caused by the presence of a compound called "chlorophyll," which the plant produces to do photosynthesis, which is how plants get energy from sunlight. The purpose of chlorophyll is to assist the plant in making food for itself by utilizing energy from sunlight and nutrients from the soil. 
M. Why are manhole covers round?
1... So they don't fall through the hole... A square hole-cover can fit through diagonally... 
2... So you can roll them, and don't have to carry them... 
N. Why are Newton's rings circular?
     The phenomenon of Newton's rings is an interference pattern caused by the reflection of light between two surfaces - a spherical surface and an adjacent flat surface. When viewed with a monochromatic light it appears as a series of concentric, alternating light and dark rings centered at the point of contact between the two surfaces. When viewed with white light, it forms a concentric ring pattern of rainbow colors because the different wavelengths of light interfere at different thicknesses of the air layer between the surfaces. The light rings are caused by constructive interference between the light rays reflected from both surfaces, while the dark rings are caused by destructive interference. Also, the outer rings are spaced more closely than the inner ones. Moving outwards from one dark ring to the next, for example, increases the path difference by the same amount λ, corresponding to the same increase of thickness of the air layer λ/2. Since the slope of the lens surface increases outwards, separation of the rings gets smaller for the outer rings. So why is it a circle? Because the point where the interference occurs is the source point and the light rings and dark rings (or actually cancelled out interference) are actually adjacent phenomena and radiate like a wave from a point (like throwing a rock into a still pond). So the light-dark rings are actually one and the same thing, and the emanate from one point equally in all directions, if the medium does not change...
O. Why are oceans important?
     Oceans are the lifeblood of planet Earth and humankind. They flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet, and hold 97% of the planet's water. They produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and absorb the most carbon from it.
 P. Why are plants important? 
Really? Read a Biology book. They give us Oxygen. hence help us to breathe.
Q. Why are quality decisions a possibility in a democracy? 
See, in a democracy, a polling or voting takes place. Hence, the government is responsible to the people of the country, because they'll be booted if they don't perform according to the  people's wishes. Hence, we can be guaranteed that most decisions will be for the better of the people.

R. Why are Republicans so against Obamacare?

     The only reason I can find why conservatives hate Obamacare is that the president took a look at a Republican idea that has proved successful and bought into it. "If Obama likes it, then it  must be bad." Personally, I believe that if the Republicans, especially Mitt Romney, would have stood up and embraced their own program, then this government shutdown that the nation incurred would have not happened.

S. Why are sparrows disappearing?

     Today the reasons for the sparrows' decline are largely electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and lack of insect food due to excessive use of pesticide in urban gardens. But most certainly, it is the loss of habitat that drives any species towards extinction.

T. Why are there 28 days in February?

     Blame the Romans. Our modern calendar has the misfortune to be based upon their confusing one. The kings there were kind of schmutzes. For reasons only known to Numa Pompilius' twisted mind, he put 28 days in February, God knows why.

U. Why are uniforms important? 

Industrial demands, a sense of belonging, feeling of equality, mutual growth are some of the things that Google is throwing at me. Personally, they're equivalent to crap for me.

V. Why are veins blue? 

     Again, my friend Wikipedia : " Veins appear blue because the subcutaneous fat absorbs low-frequency light, permitting only the highly energetic blue wavelengths to penetrate through to the dark vein and reflect back to the viewer."Right. Whatever the hell that means. 

W. Why are we born?
 Wow... deep stuff. My fellow Googlers, we're here for a variety of reasons; to kick our enemy's butt, to score the lowest in class and boost our fellow classmate's self esteem, to    procrastinate, to spend all our time on the internet hence making Google so damn rich, but most of all to live our own lives. And that too to the fullest. Hence, asking such questions, questioning our presence here, only prevents us from doing so. So, we shouldn't do that. ( This was a very fancy way of saying I don't know.) 

X. Why are X-rays used for crystallography? 


Y. Why are you interested in this job?

Seriously, this was the most searched key phrase. Really, hats off fellow Googlers.

Z. Why are zoos bad? 

    Animals are treated to harsh conditions, to which they are often not susceptible. They're not given adequate shelter, and kept away from their natural habitat. That's all I got, if you wanna know more visit PETA.