Wednesday, 13 November 2013


My November is not going to be something the average person would describe as "fun". Why? Find out for yourselves : 
11th November : S.St Test
12th November : German Test
13th November : Science Test
15th November : National Science Olympaid
16th November : Aptitude Test
17th November : National Talent Search Examination
18th November : Computer Test
21st November : Math Test
22nd November : English Test
24th November : Music Exam
30th November : Annual Day

Excuse me while I soil myself and update my suicide note.


  1. hahahha this is amazing...i am out of school Bazinga...i wish i could share your pain. Double Bazinga i dont wish

  2. Hey, after going through your blog, finally I have nominated you for the Liebster blogger award, go through the post in the link below