Monday, 2 September 2013

Sherlock meets Twilight

Edward : Hi! I can read your mind, but it works too fast for me to read anything!
Sherlock : Pity. I have positively deduced that you are a vampire, a girl and a total moron.
Anderson : Oh,really. Prove it.
Sherlock : When we see the strange bloke smile, his canines appear sharp. Much too sharp for a
human. He has got some blood on his lower left pre-molar and some more on the left                     side of his collar, indicating that that was the side he ate it from - whatever it was - or                     rather. whoever it was. Anderson, even you can't be as idiotic to see that the man wears                 lipstick and powder and pouts. He changes the color of his contacts everyday, hence                       he's a girl.
Anderson : Well, that's alright, but what about the moron part of it?
Sherlock : What is like in your funny little brains? It must so boring! Do I have to say this out loud? He's Edward Cullen . Of course he's a moron.
John : Brilliant, that was absolutely brilliant!
Sherlock : You know you do that out loud right?
Bella : Umm...hi...yeah..umm...hello...umm
Sherlock : Please don't be boring.
Bella : Yeah, could you tell me why Edward can't read my mind?
Sherlock : Yes, I've got wight ideas so far. Okay, four ideas. The most probable being that your   brain is too dumb to have a thought process.

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