Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Nadal after winning the US Open 2013 against Novak Djokovic

So another US Open in his kitty and Rafa is World No.1 again. *fist pump* So here, I'd like to say this to all Novak fans : "BOOYAH!!" 
No, but seriously, I don't get why people like Djokovic so much. And the fact that he's a 'Role Model' is just so wrong on so many levels. He's short tempered for one. Very short tempered. Proof : French Open semis, 2012 - he breaks one of the benches after losing a break point on a double fault. That's bad tempered for you right there. 
Does not have a sporting attitude. Does not. Don't even try and argue on that one. Montreal, 2013 : Nadal apologises to him for accidentally hitting him on the face. Novak gives him the Look and walks away huffily. 
And talking of Role Models, lets look at Rafa then. That man has an under developed bone in the heel of his left foot. His knee doesn't allow him to play very often. He wears special shoes designed by Nike for this very reason. He once won a match, when he was a thirteen year old with his little finger broken. Perseverance right there for you. 
And he's very serious about his game. Thats why he never smiles or laughs when he's on court.  He's a very modest person and a great, great athlete. Why not look up to him as a Role Model then?
Anyways, Rafa seems to be on terrific form, so move over Novak. Your time is done.