Thursday, 5 September 2013

Belated Happy Teacher's Day

To anybody else who happens to live their life with their heads stuck inside the ground, Teacher's Day was yesterday. And I, living my life with my head inside the ground FORGOT! So here's a tribute to all out teacher's with some of the things they've been saying since eternity!

  • Is this a class or a fish market?
  • Where is your book? What is it doing at home?
  • Incorrigible you are!
  • The is the worst class in the entire school!
  • Open the windows, let the atmosphere come in!
  • My headache is paining!
  • Give me a red pen of any color!
  • I have a daughter, she is a girl...
  • You! Second last bench! Get out!
  • Why are you chewing chewing gum? Nasty habit it is!
  •  Speak louder, didn't your mummy give you food in the morning?
  • You will have a surprise test tomorrow
  • Is this why you come to school??
Aah! Dear Teachers, school is kind of incomplete without these frequent phrases you say!
Thank you!      

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