Saturday, 28 September 2013


They're done with! They're over!! I am officially a war survivor!! Wohoooo!! *runs around flailing arms wildly in the air* *does a few cartwheels* I have been battered, bruised, and kicked about these past two weeks. Don't know what I'm ranting on about? One word : Exams.
Yeah, now you know my feels. But even though the going was rough, even though sometimes it felt as if I'd never see the light of day again(namely before my S.St paper), I persevered and climbed the mountain to glory(and a LOT of TV watching time). I gave it my all, I made sacrifices, sometimes I just wanted to give up(namely before my S.St paper), but I kept going. For I have fandoms to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ( Yeah that's a Robert Frost referring there. And I know we don't 'keep' fandoms, but 'ship' didn't rhyme with 'sleep'. Apologies. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Harry All the Wayy!!

So here's my poem on Harry Potter. Hope you enjoy :

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, 
Harry all the way
Oh - what fun it is to ride,
Once on the Hogwarts train!

Dashing though the snow,
Once on the Hogwarts train,
Over the hills we go,
Jinxing all the way!

Bells of dangers ring
Bringing dementors to fight,
Ah - what fun it is to kill
The Death Eaters all night!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter
Harry all the way
Ah - what fun it is to sit
In your very own place,

In the common room, 
Near the fire place,
Talking to Sirius Black,
Directly face to face!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter,
Harry all the way
Oh - what fun it is to put
The Death Eaters away.

Using spells that are,
Stupefy and the rest,
But Avada Kedavara
Is really the best!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter
Harry all the way!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Nadal after winning the US Open 2013 against Novak Djokovic

So another US Open in his kitty and Rafa is World No.1 again. *fist pump* So here, I'd like to say this to all Novak fans : "BOOYAH!!" 
No, but seriously, I don't get why people like Djokovic so much. And the fact that he's a 'Role Model' is just so wrong on so many levels. He's short tempered for one. Very short tempered. Proof : French Open semis, 2012 - he breaks one of the benches after losing a break point on a double fault. That's bad tempered for you right there. 
Does not have a sporting attitude. Does not. Don't even try and argue on that one. Montreal, 2013 : Nadal apologises to him for accidentally hitting him on the face. Novak gives him the Look and walks away huffily. 
And talking of Role Models, lets look at Rafa then. That man has an under developed bone in the heel of his left foot. His knee doesn't allow him to play very often. He wears special shoes designed by Nike for this very reason. He once won a match, when he was a thirteen year old with his little finger broken. Perseverance right there for you. 
And he's very serious about his game. Thats why he never smiles or laughs when he's on court.  He's a very modest person and a great, great athlete. Why not look up to him as a Role Model then?
Anyways, Rafa seems to be on terrific form, so move over Novak. Your time is done. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Belated Happy Teacher's Day

To anybody else who happens to live their life with their heads stuck inside the ground, Teacher's Day was yesterday. And I, living my life with my head inside the ground FORGOT! So here's a tribute to all out teacher's with some of the things they've been saying since eternity!

  • Is this a class or a fish market?
  • Where is your book? What is it doing at home?
  • Incorrigible you are!
  • The is the worst class in the entire school!
  • Open the windows, let the atmosphere come in!
  • My headache is paining!
  • Give me a red pen of any color!
  • I have a daughter, she is a girl...
  • You! Second last bench! Get out!
  • Why are you chewing chewing gum? Nasty habit it is!
  •  Speak louder, didn't your mummy give you food in the morning?
  • You will have a surprise test tomorrow
  • Is this why you come to school??
Aah! Dear Teachers, school is kind of incomplete without these frequent phrases you say!
Thank you!      

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sherlock meets Twilight

Edward : Hi! I can read your mind, but it works too fast for me to read anything!
Sherlock : Pity. I have positively deduced that you are a vampire, a girl and a total moron.
Anderson : Oh,really. Prove it.
Sherlock : When we see the strange bloke smile, his canines appear sharp. Much too sharp for a
human. He has got some blood on his lower left pre-molar and some more on the left                     side of his collar, indicating that that was the side he ate it from - whatever it was - or                     rather. whoever it was. Anderson, even you can't be as idiotic to see that the man wears                 lipstick and powder and pouts. He changes the color of his contacts everyday, hence                       he's a girl.
Anderson : Well, that's alright, but what about the moron part of it?
Sherlock : What is like in your funny little brains? It must so boring! Do I have to say this out loud? He's Edward Cullen . Of course he's a moron.
John : Brilliant, that was absolutely brilliant!
Sherlock : You know you do that out loud right?
Bella : Umm...hi...yeah..umm...hello...umm
Sherlock : Please don't be boring.
Bella : Yeah, could you tell me why Edward can't read my mind?
Sherlock : Yes, I've got wight ideas so far. Okay, four ideas. The most probable being that your   brain is too dumb to have a thought process.