Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Women and Shoes : A Long, long Story...

Cinderella was proof that shoes can change a woman's life. While the rest of the world reels under recessions, the shoe market soars in these tough times. So one does wonder whats up with these ladies and their shoes... Adding six inches to you're original height don't do you bad you know. And for Asians, who in general, tend to be short(and no, I'm not being stereotypical here. I'm stating a fact) its a blessing. Stilettos, in general just tend to look so... good. And its not just Jimmy Choo at work here, heels carry a historical significance as well. In the earlier times, those who did manual labor wore practical footwear, while the rich and wealthy wore high heels. Yes, buying a pair of heels has always had a near super-natural effect on women. And science provides the answer : We are wired for shoe appeal even when our wallets are light! Shop On!!