Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake, chocolate tarts, choco sundaes, chocolate spread, chocolate sauce... drooling anyone? Whether its a five-star hotel or the local diner, a dinner is never complete without chocolate! Its the ultimate feel-good indulgence food. For once, women dunk the calorie rule and indulge in mouth watering brown decadence. That rule goes out of the window for me of course-the Calorie rule. Charlie in Roald Dahl's book was the object of jealousy of a lot of tiny kids world-wide as they read of the amazing candies Charlie got to sample. And no, its not all bad either. As much as we'd love for it to be a "health" food,its not. But - it does contain nutrients and instant energy that helps our body. Not to mention the instant happiness that seems to radiate from that bar of chocolate! 
CHOCOLATE CAKE YUM! - chocolate Photo

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