Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Typhoid Tantrums!

Well, I'll be frank. Food is my life. Ergo, I love eating. Anything, may it be chicken, pork, lamb, fish, beef, oysters, shrimp, lobster, crab, dog, tongue, cat, ox has to be tasted by me. Its obvious that I have two frequent problems : tummy related and adipose tissue related. To those with a smaller scientific prowess, adipose tissues are fat tissues. I don't mind being fat, I gave up on that long ago. Its the tummy problems that trouble me. I can't be fat and not be able to eat anything at the same time! I recently got hit by typhoid. Doctor's advise: NO eating from outside for at least three weeks. My parents' translation : NO eating from outside for at least three months. And in general, typhoid generally makes you lose a lot of weight. My mum lost 6 kilos, my friend lost 8 kilos, another friend lost 5 kilos. I? I gained 3 kilos. Someone up there hates me, don't they? 

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