Friday, 9 August 2013

The Best Damn Thing

Avril Lavigne, Today Show, 2013.jpg
I was in the super market when I first heard Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Tapping my feet to the beat, I instantly fell in love with the song... I was in 5th grade then. Coming home, I instantly googled the song and watching the music video, I was first introduced to the short and boyish Avril. I idolized her to death. Maybe it was because she was a slightly older version of what I wanted myself to be- comfortable in my own skin, outright, different, and awesome. Sixth to eighth grade, Avril blasted out of my speakers, may it be Girlfriend, Runaway, Innocence or Sk8er Boi. I grew up with her briefly. Till date, I remain a great fan of her music. Even though now I listen to Floyd and Led Zep, I think Avril has a special place in my heart. She steered me away when the rest of my classmates when swooning over the overtly popular, and in my view,enormously overrated Hanna Montana. When they were dreaming about unrealistic things such as glittery stages and flashing lights, Avril helped me dream of skateboarding in the mall. My friends wore pink glittery tops, and I baggy shorts. I may be different now - I may be a dirty, tennis loving, teenager, but at least I'm not one of those fake, permanently pouting girls. I'd pick dirty and tennis playing any day. What say you? 

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