Monday, 12 August 2013

Royally Screwed

I had my German exam yesterday. A royal screw-up. Urghh... I am failing SO bad. Lemme narrate how it went. The first part was "Hearing". They started speaking, we stared at recorder, it ended. I glanced down and I had marked ONE answer. Out of fifteen. Royally screwed. Then came "Reading". I didn't know half the words there. Wasted forty minutes writing a futile answer. Royally screwed. Next : "Writing". Wrote a notice. Had to write a letter. Screwed. And lastly, we had "Speaking". The lady was scary. She asked me how I was and I mouthed at her like a goldfish. Screwed. The passing marks are forty. I'm sure I'll score around fifteen. Damn. 

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