Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just another Day...

Following will be a conversation between me and my brother, and let me remind you that this is completely normal and everyday in my "Off-their-rockers" family :
*Mommy sets two pieces of chocolate cake in front of us, which look identical*
Me,grabbing one : Aha! Mine's way bigger than yours!
My brother, who is seven years older - but I swear sometimes is mentally more childish : No way idiot. MINE'S bigger. You can't do math.
Me: Mom! Look, tell him that mine's bigger.
Mom: God! They're both the same. Now keep you're mouth shut and eat it.
*Bickering between my brother and me goes on for five more minutes,in which time rulers have been fetched*
Me, measuring very carefully : Aha! Mine's bigger! Look who can't do Math now!
My brother: Oh, really?*grabs my piece and takes a huge bite* Not anymore!
*I curse some words at him that will best go unmentioned here*
*I sulk for the entire evening*

Well yes, now you know exactly how much of a nutter I am.


  1. Reminds me of my 'Mycroft and Sherlock carrot sticks' conversation that I told you about. :P