Monday, 22 July 2013

Why You Must NEVER Attempt to Cut Your Own Hair

  1. What looks good on Jennifer Anniston may not look good on you. Pl-ease! She's probably way more prettier and thinner than you are. So lets just leave the movie stars at it.
  2. Bangs don't look good on everyone. Period. I mean, bangs are definitely not the thing for you if you've got a small forehead. And trust me, the several hours you spend in front of the mirror don't change that fact.
  3. Be your true self. Just because the most popular girl in school, your best friend and that one girl you cannot stand have all got 'em, doesn't really give you the go ahead to do it. And its not the end of the world if you don't sport the most “in” hairstyle, trust me.
  4. Please spend your time doing something more productive like cooking or cleaning. At least that's more beneficial to the society at large.
  5. We are not professionals(unless of course you are one, in which case you are free to do whatever you want to do). We should each do our own thing. Lets leave all the hair-cutting to the people in the salons, shall we? I think its indisputable that they're better at it than we are.


  1. It's pretty good.......I have a blog as well. I'll mail you the link....