Sunday, 21 July 2013

When Delhi became Mumbai

The skies finally deigned to open up on us yesterday. And what a downpour! We unfortunately had school yesterday(Yes, our school is mean enough to open on Saturdays, but it was kind of a blessing yesterday). We were in the grounds when the first drops fell. The shade of the sky already had our reckoning that it was going to be a bad one, but we had never imagined the kind of torrent that was about to descend upon our shoulders. In a matter of going from the ground to our classes, we were drenched to the bone. Since there were only eighteen of us present, the next period(music), automatically became a mass bunk and was spent wandering together in the corridors and hiding from teachers! When finally one did manage to spot us, I being the prefect felt obliged to shoo the herd back to the class. Once inside, we spent the rest our time playing cards and dumb charades(yes, we bring cards to school too). The last period was Math and unfortunately our teacher has a reputation of never giving a free period,so our noses were kept well to the grinds for the last forty-five minutes. The rain was still falling steady (Thank Gods). When the bell finally rang, the scramble to the door was mad; everyone was keen to get out and get drenched. For the first time ever I saw the courtyard in our school over flowing with water. The poor sweeper was standing in the middle of the tiny pool, yelling at us to keep out, but who payed heed to him anyways? We frolicked about in the water outside the school which was about knee deep. Some kids were trying to swim-the dumb mutts! Our school bus was water-logged. And we had the maddest of water fights in the bus. It was crazzy!!
Wading through water was certainly a new experience for me. Delhi had certainly turned to Mumbai for a few hours!

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