Monday, 15 July 2013

Pro's and Con's of being the Youngest

I'm the youngest person in the family and having a fifteen year long experience in handling this position I recently made out a list containing both the pro's and the con's of being the youngest in the family. The list goes as follows :
  • You get to pick the colour of the room you and your sibling share.
  • On a night out, you get to pick out the restaurant that everyone will go to.
  • You kick a fuss about something, and the next thing you know you are getting it.
  • You never need to give treats.(Phew!)
  • You're by far the most pampered.
  • You get the most presents from your cousins.
  • Everyone has a different nickname for you which they insist calling you by, in front of your friends. (Trust me, being called a pumpkin in front of friends when you're a teenager, is not good for your rapport.)
  • No one ever wants to go to the movies you pick.( What is that about?)
  • You're teased the most in the family.
  • You're never included in the “restricted” conversation. Ever. -_-

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