Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Trip to Chamber of Secrets!

In grade IX, my grades were pretty much average. Aptitude tests said I should be doing better and this was a constant message on my report card. My parents found it all too easy to blame my lack of intellect on my love for books and music.
They were opposed to my liking of Coldplay and Led Zepellin and equally resented my fantasies of visiting uncharted islands, Narnia and Hogwarts. After the usual you-will-not-get-anywhere-in-life-like-this and look-at-Mr. Bhasin’s-daughter lectures, I was sulking in my room. It was a warm afternoon-the old fan swung in lazy circles. I was supposed to be studying the Venn diagram and the Periodic table, but my over-active mind generally finds it difficult to stay in a quiet room for long. I gazed at the leaves fluttering lightly in the breeze as my eyes started to droop. A loud bang suddenly woke me up from what was soon going to be a royal siesta. Thinking wildly of burglars and terrorist attacks, I leapt up. What I saw, made me stop dead in my tracks, it took me around a minute to drink the scenario I was in. Somehow(don't ask), I'd landed right in the Chamber of Secrets of the Harry Potter book. The basilisk was thrashing its tail, after Harry and Fawkes had just punctured its eyes(basilisk's, not Harry's). However, it still wasn't going too well for the boy who lived. Fawkes couldn't rid it of its power of smell, so the basilisk pretty much knew where Harry was running. Catching my eye,he screamed out at me, “Help me, PLEASE!”. The only way I could save Harry was, if I somehow got Tom Riddle to call off his giant pet. I had it get his attention somehow. There was no other way to do it:
Hey Riddle, what're you troubling that kid for?”, I called out in my most casual voice. Tom
Marvolo Riddle, who'd been too busy watching the escapades of his favorite snake whipped around to see who had dared to challenge him in his abode. “And who might be you?”, he sneered at me, “another one of Dumbledore's students, I'm sure.” Harry was still dodging around madly, I had to think of something fast.
Very good. You're getting close, kiddo.”,I said, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.
He snarled, “You dare to challenge Lord Voldemort, young girl? You know of the mistake you're making?”
The snake was nearing towards Harry, who could no longer keep up-in the book, this was the part where Fawkes showed up-I couldn't see him anywhere. But I had to keep Riddle's attention. “Uhh... Right. Have you looked at yourself? You're delirious, not you-know-who, ok? Better get to Madam Pomfrey and get something for your head buddy...” If memories could get red with anger, Riddle was getting pretty close, instead he flushed a deeper gray. Meanwhile, I had spotted Fawkes. He was late, but still there. Now all I had to do was keep Riddle's attention to myself, before he could warn his pet of the bird's arrival. I continued, “ By the way, I never formally introduced myself. I'm Sarah Cattermole, Ginny's best friend. I followed Harry and Ron here.”, this came purely out of my head, but I had to keep the story up. Tom tilted his head, as if considering me, “Hmm... strange. Ginny never mentioned a Sarah. In fact she always used to speak of her loneliness.”
I pretended to be hurt, “But, she MUST have! You must be wrong!” This was getting rather out of hand. A slow, cold smile appeared on his face, “True, or you're lying, and I'm not generally wrong.” Bugger. My game was up, but Harry had the sword of Gryffindor raised in his arms. It was now my turn to smile.
You're right. Lord Voldemort is not generally wrong. I must be lying right?”
Confusion, crossed his face for a second, before being replaced immediately by a triumphant smile. He raised Harry's wand at me and opened his mouth to presumably utter his favorite curse, but I cut him across, “Yeah, before you kill me, you might want to take just a tiny peek at your snake.” He whipped around just in time to see the massive serpent falling down, splashing the entirety of the Chamber with water. Urghh, now I was wet. I'd have to explain to my mother how I accidentally ended up in the Chamber and of course she'd never believe me. Riddle whipped around, looking really mad. Now, I was scared-he still had the wand in his hand. But when he spoke, it was my mother's voice, “What do you think you're doing? Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon.” I jolted back to reality, soaking wet. My mother had split water on me in her endeavor to wake me up. However, the scolding hadn't ceased, “ Wait till I tell your father...” Oh Dear, this was going to be another you-will-not-get-anywhere-in-life-like-this lecture. God help me.

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