Tuesday, 9 July 2013


They say mango is the king of fruit. Fine - I get it. Give. It. A. Break. For the last one week my mum has officially gone mango crazy. I mean, she is totally BONKERS over the fruit. She makes me desert for lunch everyday, when I come back from school(one of the main reasons for me being fat but hey - I'm not complaining!) and for the last seven days everything I'm getting is along the lines of mango.
Day 1: She makes me a mango cheesecake. Okay, not complaining there.
Day 2: She makes it again. Still not complaining. Really.
Day 3: Again. Okay don't get me wrong, I'm not a spoiled brat (Okay-maybe a little bit) but not being a big fan of cheesecake and most DEFINITELY not being a mango fan, I was getting rather tired of it.
Day 4: Chocolate cake with mango icing. Oh-and by the way, not a good combination. I think she thought that I had some problem with the cheesecake. If only she'd thought so about the mango...
Day 5: Mango Jelly. Almost. Well I must say it was a good effort but for one thing it was still liquid. Apparently for my mum, variety is of the essence.
Day 6: Mango Something. Don't even ask. I think it was supposed to be an ice-cream, but to say that it was a disaster is an understatement.
Day 7(today): Mango pudding. This one tastes ABSOLUTELY revolting. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it has egg in it. Or maybe its because I'm done with mango for life. 
7 days ago, I was a regular mango loving teenager, but now I can safely say that if I see a mango I'll probably run for miles! 
Readers, be glad, be very, very glad that your mums don't suffer from mango madness!!


  1. Hey Preetha,

    An enjoyable post. Brought a smile to my lips while reading. Yeah am not a big mango fan either. Hope you are spared the onslaught soon. By the way, I read Cemetery Gates. Very well-written piece. Congratulations and keep it up. Keep writing you have a gift. By the way, I am Shyama. I was directed to your blog by Raka, your sister and my good friend. Keep writing :)

    1. Thanks Shyama Didi. I hope I'm spared too, but I'm afraid that won't be before the mango season is over!