Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Today in bus I encountered this tiny shrimp of a kid. He was really sweet and really tiny-he was atleast two heads shorter than me. I fugured he must be in 6th grade. A bit malnourished for his age, but looked around that age. And then the kid goes, “What class are you in?”
And I'm like, “10th grade!”, and the kid visible stopped in his tracks. He stared at me as if I was an alien species, his poor eyes almost popping out of his sockets. He gulped and took a few steps back, and whimpered “Oh my God!”... Poor guy. Seeing him took me back four years back when I was a freshie in 6th grade. Middle school was something new altogether. We were very protected by our teachers in Primary school, but you were supposed to grow up here, fend for your own self in Middle school. To me it was highly daunting. I stayed well away from the seniors, darting out of the way if they happened to be coming down the corridors. One friendly senior did try and befriend me in the bus but all I did was mouth at her like a goldfish and stare at her dumbstruck. I never talked to her again. I looked at the Tenthies as if it were impossible to be that high up in the school.

And now I look at these shrimps and I know how daunted they feel, so I do try and talk to them and make them feel more in their comfort zone- but as you probably know, they scamper away the moment I open my mouth!

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