Friday, 26 July 2013

Earphones and People

I saw this girl the other day, nothing out of the ordinary. She was walking her dog and smiling. I figured the smile must be about the beautiful morning or the nice weather. Suddenly she jumps about a foot in the air, scares the poor dog and screams, “OMG!! That's AWESOME!”. Everyone was staring at her big-time .. it wasn't later until she'd come out that I realised that the girl was using a hands free to talk to someone. Nothing crazy about the girl. That was when I realised how crazy I might seem,when using a hands free or earplugs for that matter. Something that really bugs me about using plugs is that you've got absolutely NO inkling that someone else has made any attempts of making conversation with you. I once passed a neighbour of mine on my way to the park. I had earplugs on. Next day, she tells me(quite huffily) that she had said hello to me and I had-in her words-quite blatantly and rudely-ignored her. Makes for a very awkward meeting now. I mean, you can let the old people off the hook who're still stuck in their Vietnam War youth, but the adults? I mean they're supposed to know- they're kids probably use them all the time!

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