Saturday, 20 July 2013


Many mania's have overtaken the teenagers, particularly girls, in recent years. First came Miley Cyrus, with her blaring nasal tones, then came the Beiber Fever,which according to me was totally gaga. Now teenage girls all over the place are falling over five guys in skinny multi-colored jeans. Call themselves One Direction. I'd had the bad feeling that it was going to be another repeat of Beiber, and unfortunately I was right. I mean, Beiber was one guy, you could still tolerate him. Now you've got five like him, where d'you run? And whats up with the super tight PINK sweaters. Guys. Wearing pink sweaters. Skintight. That's like a glaring sign to the world to run away from them. And whats up with the fact that they're “AS GOOD AS THE FRICKING BEATLES”?? I mean have you EVER heard the Beatles  One Direction does not write their own songs. Sings in nasal tones. Wears colored pants. Wears pink sweaters. Runs on the beach wearing said colored pants and tight pink sweaters. And they're AS GOOD AS THE BEATLES? Snap out of it dear girls, and listen to some real songs. And if you're boys and you secretly like them, then I think its time for you to come out of the closet.

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