Tuesday, 9 July 2013


This was a very valuable lesson that I learnt quite recently in life. It all happened on a bright sunny morning when my friend had to use the washroom. It was quite an emergency, if you know what I mean. Now let me tell you a little something about the toilets in my school-you won't use then if some held a gun to your head. I seriously believe that there are species of bacteria in there that are yet to be discovered by Science! So, anyways back to the story. We were looking for any place where my friend could take a dump-behind bushes, empty classrooms(kidding!), discrete corners but we found nothing. Then I had the brainwave of using the one toilet not yet vandalized by the students-or monsters as many call them-the ones near the reception. We scooted towards them and my friend strides into the first open door she sees and slams it shut. It was an emergency. I was left standing there quite alone. But then what I noticed sent me headlong into a fit of giggles. And as luck would have it two of our guy classmates were wandering near the reception. Now, in life you often find yourself at forks where the first path is one where you are a good friend and don't embarrass your friend in front of others; the latter being one where you ridicule your own friends-often hurting them-and get a good laugh. I chose the latter- I'm not a saint and I'm not the nicest of people. I called them over, and waved off their questions, telling them to wait. Now if it were two girls they would've probably blown off the roof asking me if I was just wasting their time or what exactly was it that I wanted to do or if they were there just to guard the toilets, but that's the thing about dudes. These two just shut up and stared at two-and in their minds, very boring-toilet doors. Their patience however was rewarded. After some time, the door of the BOYS toilet opened and out stepped my friend. The three of us fell down on each other,crying with laughter. My friend stood perplexed at our behavior  mouthing like a goldfish. Finally I managed to point at the sign on the door. She turned and read the sign and that was the day I realized what a tomato-red blush was.
VERY, VERY important lesson, I'm sure you all are guaranteed!!

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